About Lisa Taggart LPC, MA, MBA

Counseling is a second career for me. I generally describe myself as an entrepreneur, having started and run a successful business in the Denver community for many years. And then, I began to address what had become a nagging question for me. Is this all there is?

I left the business world, traveled a bit, paid attention to what the four directions were sharing with me, worked for a social enterprise, performed case management and found my true passion.


Your challenges. Your successes. Your connections. Your life.

I am a strength-based therapist, supporting clients in self-discovery and self-determination within the relevant cultural contexts of the client. I offer a person-centered perspective, which includes non-judgment, empathy and unconditional positive regard, while providing a safe space for healing and self-advocacy. My life experiences have taken me to many places, and I see myself as your traveling companion for the experiences that find you.

An umbrella of cultural consciousness informs all of my work, and an experiential base provides a foundation from which we can access feelings, patterns, and begin to explore the life you want to live.

My education and my private practice revolve around working with individual adults of all ages and genders, who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, coming out, parenting challenges, aging, or career concerns like retirement and other work transitions.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to work with members of the Queer and Straight communities while discovering the effects of systemic oppression, exploring what it means to come out, and embracing the richness of living an authentic life...whatever that means to you.